Monday, January 24, 2011

Fitness fury for 2011!

The moment the new year rang in, I was ready to really make some changes this year.  I started 2011 with the completion of triple marathons (12/31, 1/02 and 1/02).  It was intense.  It pushed my limits.  I finished without injury and for that (in my mind), makes me a winner.

After a week of gentle recovery, I dove head-first into the Insanity program by Beachbody (I am a coach and can tell you more about that later).  It is a humbling program.  What I love about the program is the 2 week fit tests to track progress.  I wasn't sure if I was improving.  My 2nd fit test from yesterday proves it.  Remarkable improvements!  I can tell my legs are getting more powerful.  Hopefully, this will lead to faster running.

Just the tip of the iceberg of what I have in store for this year.  I had to start from somewhere, being my first blog and all ;)


  1. Awesome idea! I haven't been using my blog and have decided to get back to it as well. If you are interested here is my link:

  2. Love it! You are an amazing, inspiring woman in case I haven't told you lately! <3