Friday, August 10, 2012

Plan for August 20th

It's been one heck of a year so far, wow!  I feel like I've had to take the last few weeks to take it all in, celebrate, relax and get re-focused.  Now that I coach people full time, I couldn't be happier.  I love setting my own hours and life schedule.  My job is pretty mobile.
Since the beginning of 2012, I've had 18 new people join my Team.  We're all working together to help pay forward the message of good health.  It's a hard fight when we really look at what this country is up against, but I have faith and believe.  Don't stop believing!!
This month, I intend to do another round of the Ultimate Reset.  I start on August 20th and plan to blog about my daily experiences while on it.  I'm excited to give it a go, especially since I know what to expect and how to make it work best for me.  I have my grocery lists all printed up.  For the scoop, go here:
Don't be afraid to send me a quick note or message if you ever want more details about a topic.  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

When your schedule gets messed up

My workout week was off.  I have been dealing with my old left hip.  I have a small labral tear from 2007/2008 that was never surgically repaired.  Instead, I educated myself to do the proper cross-training to build my external hip rotators to remedy the problem with how my femur was tracking.  As of late, it just aches sooooooo bad, along the back of my leg, laterally toward my knee.  The best description would be a colossal pain in my ass that makes it feel like I have bolts of pain shooting down my lateral hammie. ;)  I have concluded that P90X2 really helped me develop more core, balance, power, flexibility and range of motion (ROM).  Since then, my guarded hip has been able to release and open up.  The downside of this: the muscles in my hip are tired, sore and feel bruised.  The foam rolling helps to release, but I sense it also triggers some inflammation.  I'm taking anti-inflammatories after each section, but need to ice more. 
My week as scheduled:
MWF- Insanity workout
TTh- Pump workout (lifting, high reps, lower wt)
SS- run

My actual week:
M-Insanity plyo cc
T-Pump Extreme/taught TurboKick class in evening
W-foam roll, rest.  My aching leg and hip woke me up
Th-Pump Revolution/Pump Step (the step workout was a LOT harder than I thought it would be!), foam roll
F-woke up sore and tight, unplanned active rest day, 2 mile walk with Stella, foam roll

As you can see, life throws curveballs at your schedule all the time.  Learn to plan around it and you'll be fine.  I don't know what I'll do this weekend, but that doesn't worry me.  I am still so sore from adding the Pump Step workout on Thursday.  Today, I will start with a walk with the doggies :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Does size really matter?

My mind wandered today and I had a realization.  Who cares what size you are?  Who is to tell you what size is right or "wrong"?  The media?  Really?  Get real.
Now, don't get me wrong.  I fully support people getting out of an obese weight range and getting healthier.  It saves lives.  I'm talking about those of us who are in a healthy weight range.  When is enough ENOUGH?
I'm solid.  I'm a big girl, and have always told myself this.  To me, it was always a bad thing.   Once I figured out why, I was able to accept, move on, and grow.  I told you I was soul searching this year :)
Our bodies were designed to get you through life.  Treat it poorly, and your life will suffer.  If you are not strong, you cannot keep up with your children and your grand-children.  Ask yourself what you really want out of life.
A few pounds on the scale?  Nah!  You are significant in other people's lives; don't ever deny yourself that fact.  What truly truly makes you happy?  Anyone care to discuss?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eating your feelings

You know those days when you come home after a stressful day and head straight for the cupboard?  Yup, I'm guilty of it, and it used to control me and my expanding waistline.  It would be a mind game to myself.  If I had previously been on track, I would somehow convince myself that I didn't deserve the results I was after and I would graze continuously on crunchy, salty, sweet, fatty foods.  A downward spiral, right?

No.  Not anymore.  Yes, I still crave "bad" foods when I'm stressed or have a lot on my mind, but I have REPLACED these habits when I recognize what's going on.  I have a self-check method.  As soon as I hit the cupboard, I ask myself this:

Am I HUNGRY?   (the answer is usually no)
WHY am I reaching for food?  
WHAT is bothering you?

You can see where these questions might lead me.....away from the cupboard.  Some habits I've replaced the destructive eating with include working out, taking the dogs for a walk, doing laundry, painting my nails, mud mask, calling a friend or family member, cleaning the bathroom (HUGE appetite suppressant, lol), and anything that gets me out of the kitchen.

I'll be quite honest, I don't always win, but I think I win enough to make some progress.  I'm fast approaching being the leanest, strongest, physique I've ever been, and I have to believe it's because I have diffused this "bomb" at least 75% of the time.  I do have a method for when I absolutely cannot resist the urge to stuff my face, shakeology.  Yes, seriously.  It has saved me these last two + years.  I normally have it for breakfast, but I will also have it at night when I'm suffering the snack attack.  I love icecream.  I love it so much that I cannot buy it because it will call my name from the freezer until it's gone.  Who's with me on this?  Well, I now make shakeology icecream.  I purposely bought a jet-speed blender with an ice cream button for this purpose, and it comes out like beautiful soft serve ice cream. To find out more about my food hero:

Here's my recipe:
1 cup liquid (I use almond milk, coconut milk, coconut water, water, or a combo of)
1 scoop shakeology
Optional-2 Tbsp PB2 (powdered peanut butter)
1 cup frozen fruit (some goodies are strawberries, bananas, mixed berries, pineapple, mango, etc)
1-1.5 cups of ice (add LAST, a little at a time and pause blender to stop air pockets, push down with rubber spatula)
Pour into a bowl, grab a spoon and a wool hat to wear ;)  So YUM!

Of course there are times I head for the cupboard and I actually AM hungry.   That's when I start to make a healthy meal.  As I'm cooking, I sometimes have a pile of raw veggies to snack on.  Carrots are a great remedy.

If you are reading this, I encourage you to comment about some of your methods to stop emotional eating.  We can help each other out.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No More Shame

I've been doing a lot of soul searching this year.  I am in a position where I now help coach people to better health and fitness.  Learning about these people and listening as they discover what is at the heart of their drive has helped ME look within to understand where I've come from.  It has been a long (and necessary) road.

I was never a popular kid in school.  I grew up in a lower middle class family and I didn't wear designer clothes, hang with the "in" crowd or participate in pay-to-play sports.  I was a band geek, science nerd, drama freak.....and internalized my shameful feelings that developed from ostracism, lack of support and understanding at home and being bullied.  Growing up, I always felt there was something "wrong" with me and that I was unworthy of success.  I tried to make myself invisible and wanted to hide most of the time.  I hated my body and fixated on it because I felt that was why no one liked me.  When I was 13, I was buying dexatrim pills.  That was only the beginning of a dangerous cycle of self destruction.  I buried myself in my schoolwork, acing almost all of my classes.  This continued all the way into college.  Instead of being proud of an A assignment, I obsessed with the answers I got wrong.  In my eyes, I was not good enough. 

Why?  The exact answer is unclear.  There has been a lot of pain, embarrassment, shame and regret in my life.  I'm not proud of all my past choices, but I realize as an adult, they HAD to happen to make me who I am today.  I AM good enough.   I deserve greatness.  I am worthy of success.  This acceptance has given me the strength to move forward and help others.  For this, I am grateful, more than words could ever describe. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012?!?! Has it really been that long? Winter Triple 2011-2012

New Year's Resolution?  Write more.  I have a lot of cool ideas for 2012!

My New Year's started with a running challenge called the Winter Triple, coordinated by fellow Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics.  Each club has it's own unique ranking system (for braggin' rights!).  MMs have stars and HFs have moons.  Last year, I ran the Winter Triple for 3 marathons in 3 consecutive days.  This earned me 5 stars.  This year, I ran 3 half-marathons in 3 days and earned 5 moons.  Yay!!  

Half #1
Yukon Do It Half-marathon in Port Orchard, WA
Steep downhill to start with icy patches.  If you got caught on the wrong side of the road, you had to walk sections.  After a right turn, we followed the water of the Sound.  The views!  Oh, the views!!  Olympic Mountains jagged and crisp in the sky.  Sun!  Perfect, just a little cold.  I wore my brooks adrenaline shoes, gloves, long nike pants, long sleeved black nike underlayer, lucky red nike hat and my Boston 2011 jacket.  I even had my nathan vest on.  Lots of layers!  And hot hands packets, which I wore until mile 4.  Flat course for the most part, until miles 5-7 roll in.  I wasn't expecting that and had accidentally ran the first 5 miles too fast.  I struggled through the hills (bathroom stop) and did my best on the way back.  Miles 9-10, my left achilles started speaking.  My shoe felt a little loose from the hills and I had to stop and tie laces.    I focused on the music and dug deep to reach the finish.  Thankfully, the course did not end with the steep uphill.  
Garmin time 2:03:48  9:14 min/mi
Official clock 2:06:??  

Half #2
First Chance Half-Marathon in Seattle, WA
Another dry, sunny day for a run!  I wore my brooks capris, lucy zip-up jacket with a thin underlayer, nathan vest, brooks adrenalines, gloves and my lucky red nike hat.  "City running" with traffic lights.  The course started Woodland Park near Greenlake and meandered down to the Burke-Gilman path.  It was a simple out and back where the only technical sections were railroad lines.  I felt okay from the day before and was trying to keep the doubts at bay.  I was extremely happy to see my friend Katie before the turnaround.  When I came back, she started running with me from miles 7 to 9.  It was a perfect time to have company.  She helped me more than she knows :)
Around mile 10, my left achilles started talking but not as intensely as the day before.  I tried playing mind games and focused on other things.  The last 2 miles of the course include a long, gradual hill that wears you down.  I enjoyed it because the change in the flat terrain seemed to alleviate my achilles.  I finally rolled in around 2 hours 2 minutes (garmin said 2 hours flat) No bathroom stops.  No shoe tying. Only traffic lights stopped me on this run. 

Half #3
2nd Chance First Call Half-Marathon in Bothell, WA
Flat and fast and to the point.  I was so ready to be done with this one, even before it began.  The nerves were there because my achilles was quite tender.  It was nice knowing this was the finale of my running challenge and only 13.1 miles stood between me and my 5 moons.  I wore the same outfit as the day before (yes, I washed it), with the exception of my Half Fanatics tech shirt under the lucy zip-up. 
I headed out with a purpose.   Calm, relaxed shoulders and a smile on my face.  I'm one of those annoying runners who actually smiles as they run and I wave at everybody to share that joy.  Why not?
My pace was ON.  Not a speedster, but faster than the previous two races.  I appreciated the lack of ice and traffic lights.  Nothing hurt and my achilles never acted up.  Again, no bathroom stops (this is a victory in my opinion).  There's nothing worse than having to go and having nowhere to GO!  Plenty of bathrooms on the course, just in case.  
I finished in 1 hour 55 minute and ?? seconds.  I could live with that!  

After a few days, recovery is going quite well.  I've taken a few rest days and am now just getting back to my groove.  I haven't run since the races, but I plan to go out for some miles this upcoming weekend.  

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A little off the course of Asylum....

 It's been a struggle for me this week and I'm used to being a "fit" athlete. I feel so out of shape with Asylum!

My schedule this week had some unexpected changes. On Wednesday (5/11), I completely skipped my Back to Core workout and focused on teaching my kickboxing class instead. I had woken up feeling too run down, so again, I listened to my body.

A little background on me. I'm not trying to be a super-sensitive "wuss" when I cut back. I had a severe bout of anemia last year that ended in the hospital, so I have to be very alert when I feel wiped out.

Thursday was supposed to be Vertical Plyo. I ran a hilly 6 miles (first run of the week) and planned on doing VP after work. In the evening, I popped in the dvd and my legs were heavy, sluggish, and burning for the warm-up. It was too much, so I stopped and started the Back to Core instead (I missed it on Wed).

Back to Core: I LOVED IT!!! I appreciated the slower pace and how it really focuses on your back, without the use of the pull-up bar. I had a shoulder impingement toward the end of Insanity in March. It was due to weakness in my left sub scap muscles, so my shoulder blade was rotating up too much during all the planks and push-ups. Back to Core hones in on the muscles that are weak in my back and I can really see how it will help in shoulder stabilization. I'm so excited and happy Shaun T added this to the mix!!

Friday was supposed to be Rest. I still had not conquered VP.....and was dreading it. I went for an 8 mile run instead, with hills and the dog. After the run, I decided my house needed cleaning. Can you say total procrastination for VP, or self-sabatage? I did not do VP on Friday.

Saturday(5/14): As I type this, I'm not sure of what I should do today. It's important that I increase my mileage this week. I do have Vertical Plyo, Speed & Agility and Strength on the schedule before the week is done. I'm a little torn.