Saturday, April 7, 2012

When your schedule gets messed up

My workout week was off.  I have been dealing with my old left hip.  I have a small labral tear from 2007/2008 that was never surgically repaired.  Instead, I educated myself to do the proper cross-training to build my external hip rotators to remedy the problem with how my femur was tracking.  As of late, it just aches sooooooo bad, along the back of my leg, laterally toward my knee.  The best description would be a colossal pain in my ass that makes it feel like I have bolts of pain shooting down my lateral hammie. ;)  I have concluded that P90X2 really helped me develop more core, balance, power, flexibility and range of motion (ROM).  Since then, my guarded hip has been able to release and open up.  The downside of this: the muscles in my hip are tired, sore and feel bruised.  The foam rolling helps to release, but I sense it also triggers some inflammation.  I'm taking anti-inflammatories after each section, but need to ice more. 
My week as scheduled:
MWF- Insanity workout
TTh- Pump workout (lifting, high reps, lower wt)
SS- run

My actual week:
M-Insanity plyo cc
T-Pump Extreme/taught TurboKick class in evening
W-foam roll, rest.  My aching leg and hip woke me up
Th-Pump Revolution/Pump Step (the step workout was a LOT harder than I thought it would be!), foam roll
F-woke up sore and tight, unplanned active rest day, 2 mile walk with Stella, foam roll

As you can see, life throws curveballs at your schedule all the time.  Learn to plan around it and you'll be fine.  I don't know what I'll do this weekend, but that doesn't worry me.  I am still so sore from adding the Pump Step workout on Thursday.  Today, I will start with a walk with the doggies :)


  1. I struggle with this a lot!! If I get thrown a curve ball I rarely work around it and just cave to it. Which is why I'm now in the situation of having not worked out in 3 weeks.

  2. Has anyone told you about PRP? It is an injection into the hip joint of your own platelet rich plasma. I have an article I could email you on it. It is amazing. Most insurances do not cover it. I can tell you more if you like. Let me know. But google it and see what you think!

    1. No, Michelle. I will look into that, thank you so much!